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Best Craigslist Posting Service for Dealers

Craigslist for Dealers has been customizing templates and helping dealers post to Craigslist all over the country, and have become experts at navigating the frustrating updates to Craigslist’s posting tool.

Our customized approach is simple, and no size fits all. We look at your market and Inventory and design a customized program for your dealership or dealer group. We use a combination of proxy servers, cloud servers and manual overrides to ensure that your inventory is up daily, and avoids the usual Craigslist downtime.

Make a huge impact with the highest return-on-investment of any 3rd used car website for your used pre-owned inventory. We addresses flagging and ghosting problems as they happen. This is accomplished with a well-defined strategy, proprietary software, and team of highly skilled IT technicians.

We will research the best marketing solution for your postings based upon your general market and IP address, current ISP and customize a strategy defined by your inventory levels, and business plan.